This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732064.

  • Project acronym: DataBio
  • Project title: Data-Driven Bioeconomy
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Start date: 01/01/2017
  • Total costs: € 16 145 592,58 (intial) € 15 385 130,08 (after amendments)
  • EU contribution: € 12 580 486,16
  • Project participants: 49 partners

Topic: ICT-15-2016-2017; Big Data PPP: Large Scale Pilot actions in sectors best benefitting from data-driven innovation.

DataBio is a H2020 lighthouse project focusing on utilizing Big Data to contribute to the production of the best possible raw materials from agriculture, forestry, and fishery/aquaculture for the bioeconomy industry in order to produce food, energy and biomaterials, also taking into account responsibility and sustainability issues.

DataBio has deployed state-of-the-art Big Data technologies taking advantage of existing partners’ infrastructure and solutions. These solutions aggregate Big Data from the three identified sectors (agriculture, forestry, and fishery) and intelligently process, analyse and visualize them. The DataBio software environment allows the three sectors to selectively utilize numerous software components, pipelines and datasets, according to their requirements. The execution has been through continuous cooperation of end-users and technology provider companies, bioeconomy and technology research institutes, and stakeholders from the EU´s Big Data Value PPP programme.

DataBio has been driven by the development, use and evaluation of 27 pilots, where also associated partners and additional stakeholders have been involved. The selected pilot concepts have been transformed into pilot implementations utilizing co-innovative methods and tools. Through intensive matchmaking with the technology partners in DataBio, the pilots have selected and utilized market-ready or near market-ready ICT, Big Data and Earth Observation methods, technologies, tools, datasets and services, mainly provided by the partners within DataBio, in order to offer added-value services in their domain.

Based on the developed technologies and the pilot results, new solutions and new business opportunities are emerging. DataBio has organized a series of stakeholder events, hackathons and trainings to support result take-up and to enable developers outside the consortium to design and develop new tools, services and applications based on the DataBio results.

The DataBio objectives are:

  1. Build a versatile DataBio platform suitable for different industries and user profiles
  2. Ensure effective utilization of existing data sets
  3. Ensure a wide-spread use of the DataBio platform technologies in the agriculture, forestry and fishery sectors
  4. Opening the possibilities for European ICT industry including SMEs to participate actively on European and WorldWide Bioeconomy Big Data market
  5. Opening the possibilities for European Earth Observation industry including SMEs offering their new Bioeconomy related services in Europe and World Wide
  6. Ensure interoperability and easy setup of new multivendor applications utilizing Big DataBio platform