About Us

databio.eu is a website that deals with various health topics and provides comprehensive information. Individuals can read up on numerous products and keep track of the wealth of information. New medical knowledge is presented in a clear and understandable way, backed up by scientific sources.


The editorial team’s mission is to monitor and report on current developments in healthcare, health policy and medical science. In some of the articles, the editors refer to interviews with experts or to studies by renowned universities and healthcare institutions. On the basis of databio.eu’s editorial guidelines, the staff is committed to detailed and accurate reporting.


Our team consists of medical specialists, nurses or experienced health journalists. We also consult other medical or health professionals with relevant experience. The result is articles with in-depth expertise and solutions to complex problems. We value diversity and aim to appeal to a wide range of readers, regardless of gender, race or age.

Medical advisors

Accurate and correct content is our top priority. That’s why we always add medical or scientific advisors to our team. They review the initial articles for accuracy and expertise. This is our way of ensuring a high level of quality.

Databio team

Our team is constantly striving to expand the range of topics and medical advisors. We are always looking for creative ways to review and improve the content. The aim is to support and positively influence people’s wellbeing.