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Home/News/The DataBio project grows and opens-up to its stakeholders
DataBio Press Release II

The DataBio project grows and opens-up to its stakeholders

DataBio PRESS RELEASE_II_2017/09/19

CAP effectiveness is crucial for at least 22 million farmers and agricultural workers in EU; however, it is limited by administrative burdens, high complexity and implementation costs. The identification of best practices that lead to the reduction of delivery costs without affecting the effectiveness is a key priority not only for the National Payment Agencies but also for the EU as a whole. Earth Observation (EO) has been frequently suggested as the best possible tool for the effective and efficient implementation of the CAP. However, until now, EO has been limited to performing “Controls with Remote Sensing” (CwRS) for the purposes of the annual verification of subsidies claims. The EC and the JRC have jointly stressed the need for EO-based agricultural monitoring with the ability to support not only the assessment checks but in total the CAP implementation and its instruments such as the Good agricultural and Environmental Monitoring (GAECs) or the Farm Advisory System (FAS)… READ MORE