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Publications 2020-02-20T20:37:29+00:00

DataBio publications (all open access)

Year Title Authors
2020 Genomic Selection for Optimum Index with Dry Biomass Yield, Dry Mass Fraction of Fresh Material, and Plant Height in Biomass Sorghum Ephrem Habyarimana et al.
 2019  Genome-wide association mapping of total antioxidant capacity, phenols, tannins, and flavonoids in a panel of Sorghum bicolor and S. bicolor × S. halepense populations using multi-locus models  Ephrem Habyarimana; Michela Dall’Agata; Paolo De Franceschi; Faheem S. Baloch
 2019  Global atlas of AIS-based fishing activity  Jose A. Fernandes et al.
 2019  Enterprise Architecture modelling with ArchiMate  Kaïs Chaabouni, Alessandra Bagnato, Ståle Walderhaug, Arne J. Berre, Caj Södergård, Andrey Sadovykh
 2019  Exploitation of calculated local temperature topography variations – a case study in Kenya  Karel Jedlicka, Pavel Hajek, Karel Charvat, Jiri Vales
 2019  Towards Predictive Modeling of Sorghum Biomass Yields Using Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation Derived from Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery and Supervised Machine Learning Techniques   Habyarimana E , Piccard I, Catellani M, De Franceschi P, Dall’Agata M.
 2019  Finnish model for utilizing the forest resource data – The background, implementation and future for Metsään.fi webpages  Virpi Stenman et al.
 2019  Standalone software for for detecting changes in SAR and optical images  Behnaz Pirzamanbein, Allan A. Nielsen
 2019  Cloud based spatio-temporal analysis of change in sequences of Sentinel images   Allan A. Nielsen, Morton J. Canty, Henning Skriver, Knut Conradsen
 2019  Change Detection Software for SAR and Optical Images  Behnaz Pirzamanbein, A. Nielsen
 2019  Generation of Sample Complex Wishart Distributed Matrices and Change Detection in Polarimetric SAR Data  Allan A. Nielsen, Henning Skriver, Knut Conradsen
 2019  Genomic Selection for Antioxidant Production in a Panel of Sorghum bicolor and S. bicolor × S. halepense Lines   Habyarimana E, Lopez-Cruz M
 2018  Open Data, VGI and Citizen Observatories INSPIRE Hackathon  Karel Charvat, Bente Lilja Bye, Tomas Mildorf, Arne J. Berre, Karel Jedlicka
 2018  Vector Based Web Visualization of Geospatial Big Data  Florian Zouhar
 2018  Visualisation of Big Data in Agriculture and Rural Development  Karel JEDLIČKA, Karel CHARVÁT
 2018  Advanced Visualisation of Big Data for Agriculture as Part of DataBio Development  Karel Charvat, Tomas Reznik, Vojtech Lukas, Karel Charvat jr., Karel Jedlicka, Raul Palma, Raitis Berzins
 2018  Sensor-based Database with SensLog: A Case Study of SQL to NoSQL Migration  Prasoon Dadhich; Andrey Sadovykh; Alessandra Bagnato; Michal Kepka; Ondřej Kaas, Karel Charvát
 2018  Publication and analysis of geodata using modern web technologies  Michal Kepka
 2017  Disaster Risk Reduction in Agriculture through Geospatial (Big) Data Processing  Tomáš Řezník, Vojtěch Lukas, Karel Charvát, Karel Charvát jr., Michal Kepka, Lukáš Herman, Helena Řezníková
 2017  Big Data in Agriculture – From FOODIE towards Data Bio  Karel Charvat, Tomas Reznik , Vojtech Lukas, Sarka Horakova, Karel Charvat Jr., Michal Kepka, Marek Splichal, Simon Leitgeb, Jan Shanel, Karel Jedlicka, Jaroslav Smejkal
 2017  Spatio-temporal analysis of change with Sentinel imagery on the Google Earth Engine  Morton J. Canty, Allan A. Nielsen

The following publications are based on the DataBio results (no DataBio resources were spent to write these publications)

Year Title Authors
 2019  Monitoring ArchiMate Models for DataBio Project  Kaïs Chaabouni, Alessandra Bagnato, Antonio García-Domínguez
 2019  Early Within-Season Yield Prediction and Disease Detection Using Sentinel Satellite Imageries and Machine Learning Technologies in Biomass Sorghum  Habyarimana E, Piccard I, Zinke-Wehlmann C, Franceschi PD, Catellani M, Dall’Agata M
 2019  Early within-season foliar diseases detection and yield prediction using Sentinel-2 satellite constellation imageries and machine learning technologies in biomass sorghum  Ephrem Habyarimana, Isabelle Piccard, Christian Zinke-Wehlmann, Paolo De Franceschi, Marcello Catellani
 2019  Web-Based Visualization of Big Geospatial Vector Data  Florian Zouhar, Ivo Senner
 2019  The Loewner Order and Direction of Detected Change in Sentinel-1 and Radarsat-2 Data  Allan A. Nielsen, Henning Skriver, Knut Conradsen
 2019  Fast matrix based computation of eigenvalues and the Loewner order in PolSAR data  Allan A.Nielsen
 2017  The SensLog Platform – A Solution for Sensors and Citizen Observatories  Michal Kepka, Karel Charvát, Marek Šplíchal, Zbyněk Křivánek, Marek Musil, Šimon Leitgeb, Dmitrij Kožuch, Raitis Bērziņš
 2017  Open Farm Management Information System Supporting Ecological and Economical Tasks  Tomas Reznik, Karel Charvat, Vojtech Lukas, Karel Charvat jr., Michal Kepka, Sarka Horakova, Zbynek Krivanek, Helena Reznikova
 2017  Visualization of and software for omnibus test based change detected in a time series of polarimetric SAR data  Allan A. Nielsen, Knut Conradsen, Henning Skriver, Morton J. Canty
 2017  Change detection in multi-temporal dual polarization Sentinel-1 data  Allan A. Nielsen, Morton J. Canty, Henning Skriver and Knut Conradsen
 2017  Change detection in a series of Sentinel-1 SAR data  Allan A. Nielsen, Knut Conradsen, Henning Skriver, Morton J. Canty