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Organisations actively participating in BigData demonstrations

End user companies, stakeholder organisations and sectorial association have been selected and invited to associated partners.
Associated partners participate to the pilots and input and feedback of associated partner is utilized during the co-innovative preparation phase.
In order to be capable to be actively involved in pilots they will be invited to co-innovation, training and feedback seminars and workshops.

Below is a preliminary list of associated partners that have expressed their interest in DataBio activities.

Organization Organization description Contact Name Country Mail and Website
Ministry of Employment and Economy/ Finland Ministry Jussi Manninen Finland jussi.manninen@tem.fi
Sallan yhteismetsä Cooperative Forestry (65 000 ha, 650 km2) Tapio Sinkkilä Finland tapio.sinkkila@sallanyhteismetsa.fi
Rangunsalon yhteismetsä Cooperative Forestry Mikko Pohjola Finland mikko.pohjola@gmail.com
Viisipuu Oy Forest usage planning and services company Aapo Palonen Finland Aapo.Palonen@pp.iner.fi
Metsänomistajat, Metsänhoitoyhdistys Päijät-Häme Regional forest owners association Jari Yli-Talonen Finland jari.yli-talonen@mhy.fi
Metsälinkki Oy Aerial photography services Irene Hiedanpää Finland irene.hiedanpaa@metsalinkki.fi
Konetyömetsä Ky Forest company SME Tomas van Esdonk Finland info@polttopuusatakunta.fi
Metsänhoitopalvelu Seija Vuorela Forest usage planning and services company Seija Vuorela Finland seija.vuorela@metsanhoitopalvelu.com
Metsäpalvelu Tuomaala Oy Forest planning and services Tuomo Tuomaala Finland tuomo.tuomaala@outlook.com
K-P MM Oy Forest planning and services Pentti Etelämäki Finland pentti.etelamaki@gmail.com
MetsäPalvelu FourForest Oy Forest planning and services Pekka Silén Finland pekka.silen@fourforest.fi
Metsäpalvelu Arvometsä Forest planning and services Sami Koskimaa Finland sami.koskimaa@arvometsa.fi
MOLINO DE ZAFRA Olive mill Luis Blanco Spain aceiterol@aceiterol.com
IFAPA Research centre in agronomic production Javier Hidalgo Spain javierj.hidalgo@juntadeandalucia.es
AGROTERRITORI Foundation working in agronomic issues Anna Roca Spain aroca@agroterritori.org
O&O Olive mill Alvaro Peña Spain apenajaime@gmail.com
DO ESTEPA Association of olive oil producers Moisés Caballero Spain secretaria@doestepa.es
PROSUR TIC SME especialist in olive sector Manuel Cobo Spain administra@prosur.com
PICUALIA Olive mill Juan Antonio Parrilla Spain marketing@picualia.com
CETECE Innovation centre in food industry Ana Garciñuno Spain agarcinuno@cetece.org
AGROCONSULTING SME giving technical advice in precision agriculture Maru Díaz Spain ediaz@oliviculturadeprecision.com
ARBONAIDA SLL Olive mill Pedro Hidalgo Spain info@arbonaida.com
OLEOCAMPO Association (2nd grade cooperative) of olive mills Salvador Pancorbo Spain gerencia@oleocampo.com
OLIVAR DE SEGURA Association (2nd grade cooperative) of olive mills Jose Luis García Spain joseluis@olivardesegura.es
IRTA Research centre in agronomic production Israel Muñoz Spain israel.munoz@irta.cat
Plan4all z.s. international association for open geodata for planning purposes Tomas Mildorf Czech Rep. mildorf@centrum.cz
Agron A consulting company offering services to farmers Mr. Athanasios Papageorgiou Greece info@agron.gr
Agricultural Cooperative Pelekanos Cooperative in Prespes, representing bean producers Greece info@prespabeans.gr
Agricultural Association Kastorias Agricultural Association in Kastoria representing bean producers Mr. Morfidis Platon Greece keakastorias@gmail.com
Yannis Olive’s Grove Agricultural Association of Olive producers in Chalkidiki Mrs. Evi Psounou Greece welcome@yannisolivegrove.gr
American Farm School An independent, nonprofit educational institution founded in 1904, doing research in sustainable
agriculture, the environment and other life sciences. Consulting Yannis Olive’s Grove.
Mr. Nikolaos Chatzilias Greece nchatz@afs.edu.gr
VenusGrowers Cooperative Cooperative in Veria representing peach and other fruit and vegetables producers Mr. Christos Giannakakis Greece info@venusgrowers.gr
PEGASUS Coop – Producers Organisation Cooperative – Producers Organisation in Kiato representing grape producers Mr. Markos Legas Greece info@7grapes.gr
Agricultural Cooperative of Drama Agricultural Cooperative in Drama representing corn producers Mr. Kapantzakis Ioannis Greece easdrama@otenet.gr
Agrolab Laboratory conducting soil analysis to support the GAIA Agronomy service, offering advice on crop production, fertilisation and more Mr. Georgios Stratakis Greece stratakis@agrolab-rds.gr
Anastasiadis I. & SIA OE (Qlab) Laboratory conducting soil analysis to support the GAIA Agronomy service, offering advice on crop production, fertilisation and more Mr. Ioannis Anastasiadis Greece info@q-lab.gr
CRPA (centro ricerche produzioni animali) Private PMI (turnover Euro 5,000,000) company, energy bioconversions from biomass sorghum Claudio Fabbri Italy c.fabbri@crpa.it
Lesy České Republiky, s.p. State company and major forest owner in the Czech Republic. With 1.3 mil. ha of forest land, Lesy České Republiky manages approximately half of the forested area of Czech Republic. Czech Rep. www.lesycr.cz
Lesy města Olomouce a.s. municipality-level owner of cca 4000 ha of forest land David Janásek Czech Rep. janasek@lesyol.cz
Lesy Budišov nad Budišovkou s.r.o. municipality-level owner of forest land Miroslav Dušek Czech Rep. m.dusek.ml@budisovnb.cz
Agriver agricultural (weather) insurance company Marien Boersma Netherlands a.m.boersma@agriver.com
AVEPA Italian Regional Paying Agency Gianluca Bevilacqua Italy www.avepa.it
CRA-Wallonie Walloon Agricultural Research Centre Viviane Planchon Belgium v.planchon@cra.wallonie.be
Agroknow Agroknow is an active contributor in European and international standardisation initiatives in relation to the agricultural data representation and storage Nikos Manouselis Greece nikosm@agroknow.com
Rolls-Royce Marine Provides a wide range of marine products, from simple components to complete vessels Lars Ove Silseth Norway lars_ove.silseth@rolls-royce.com
The Norwegian Seafood Council Works to develop markets for Norwegian seafood. Asbjørn Warvik Rørtveit Norway awr@seafood.no
Agri con GmbH Presicion farming service provider Dr. Martin Schneider Germany martin.schneider@agricon.de
Help Service Remote Sensing spatial apps in agriculture and forestry Stanislav Holy Czech Rep. standa@hsrs.cz
Baltic Open Solutions Center Spatial data applications for spatial planning Premysl Vohnout Latvia vohnout@bosc.lv
MJM Litovel Presicion farming service provider Jarmila Měkotová Czech Rep. mekotova@mjm.cz
Metsänhoitoyhdistys Pohjois-Karjala ry Second largest forest management cooperative in Finland Pekka Nuutinen Finland pekka.nuutinen@mhy.fi
A.S. Verias Venus Growers Agriculture cooperative Christos Giannakakis Greece info@venusgrowers.gr
Azienda Agricola Veggia Agriculture company Ezio Veggia Italy
Norwegian Seafood Council Seefood market Asbjoern Warvik Rortveit Norway mail@seafood.no
Societa Agricola Iraci Borgia S.s Agriculture company In Fede Italy biogas_iraci@gmail.com
Rolls-Royce Marine Big data for maritime apps Lars Ove Silseth Global company www.rolls-royce.com
MZ Biogas Societa Agricola Agriculture company Stefano Svegliado Italy
La Torre Societa Cooperativa Agricola Zootecnica Agriculture cooperative Riccardo Artegiani Italy latorrecoop@libero.it
Futura Energia Societa Agricola Biomass Energy Raffaele Signoroni Italy futuraenergia@legalmail.it
Azienda Agricola Riccardo Ferrero D.I. Agriculture company Riccardo Ferrero Italy info@lafalchetta.com
Fer Energia Scieta Agricola Agriculture company Raffaele Signoroni Italy ferenergia@legalmail.it
Euroforaggi Soc. Agr. Srl Agriculture company Giovanni Bagioni Italy
Soc. Agr. CAZZANI s.s. Agriculture company Giuseppe Cazzani Italy
LA CASTELLANA S.R.L. Agriculture company Mauro Criuew Italy
Ca’ Bianca Società Agricola a responsabilità limitata Agriculture company Stefano Svegliado Italy
Barilla Pasta producer Michela Petronio Italy www.barillagroup.com
Agenzia Veneta per I pagamenti in agricola Agriculture company Fabrizio Stella Italy direzione@avepa.it
Soc. Agr. A.R.T.E. s.r.l. Agriculture company Massimo Borrelli
Agrienergy Cos. Agr. Srl Agriculture company Giovanni Bagioni Italy
Agricascinazza S.R.L. Agriculture company Carlo Gattoni Italy segreteria@cascinazza.it