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CREA’s agricultural pilots were launched in Mirandola (ITALY)

Mirandola is a municipality in the province of Modena; here agriculture is highly developed.
The pilots in Mirandola are part of a total of 25 pilots ongoing in the Emilia Romagna region; they are managed in collaboration between CREA and CAMA Mirandola. These pilots were designed to be a powerful technological transfer tool in support of big data technologies as implemented in precision biomass sorghum cropping.

CAMA Mirandola, a cooperative made up of more than 800 agricultural companies, adhered to the DataBio project actions, and has dedicated to DataBio project five piloting sites with total of 10.5 hectares averaging nearly 2 hectares per farm. Each piloting site corresponds to individual farm belonging to individual agricultural company.

The fields were sown in the first week of May 2017, with biomass sorghum for several purposes including but not limited to biogas bioconversion.
The pilots are being monitored for crop growth and development using sentinel-2 satellite in collaboration with VITO.

Currently, the characters being monitored include several indices such as fAPAR. The fAPAR data are used to draw phenology graphs allowing the farmer and CREA scientists to follow “real-time” the crop grow and develop. It becomes possible for the farmer to easily identify the timing for harvest, bypassing the necessity to physically visit the fields, as he used to before. Therefore economies are made particularly in terms of saving on fuels and human resource costs.

CREA scientists together with the manager of CAMA Mirandola visited the pilotes on the 26th of May 2017 shortly after sowing; herein are shown the fields and Google Earth synoptic.


The registration for the INSPIRE Hack 2017 is open

DataBio is a co-organiser of the INSPIRE Hack 2017 which is a hackathon organised in the frame of the INSPIRE Conference 2017.

The registration for the INSPIRE Hack 2017 is open. You can find the details about participation at: www.plan4all.eu

First registered projects for INSPIRE hack are here www.plan4all.eu

Will be good, if some additional partners will add new projects, we have unique chance to start some test of connecting different components or will join already available initiative.


ISAF & Geomatics in Projects & Plan4all Joint Conference

We are pleased to invite you to the 21st International Conference on Information Systems for Agriculture and Forestry (ISAF) & 10th Geomatics in Projects 2017 & 2nd annual conference of Plan4All that will be held on 4th and 5th October 2017 as the Kozel Chateau, Šťáhlavy u Plzně, Czech Republic.

The conference is bilingual. The first day will be held in Czech, the second day in English.

The conference topics include:

  • Agriculture
  • Cultural heritage
  • Geodesy
  • Forestry
  • Open data
  • Public administration
  • Third dimension
  • Transportation
  • Environment
  • Tourism
  • Education

Important Dates:

1st June 2017 – Call for abstracts
1st June 2017 – Participants registration open
15th September 2017 – Abstract registration deadline
22nd September 2017 – Participants registration deadline

4th – 5th October 2017 – ISAF & Geomatics in Projects & Plan4all Joint conference, Kozel Chateau, Šťáhlavy u Plzně

Conference Venue:

The Joint conference takes place in the Chateau’s Kozel Riding Hall. More detailed information about other parts of the castle areal can be found at the pages of the chateau Kozel.

Parking for participants of the conference is prepared at inner chateau’s parking.

Description for geo-geeks: 49° 40′ 14.58″N, 13° 31′ 48.47″E.

Further information including registration and abstract submission can be found at https://kgm.zcu.cz/geomatics-in-projects-2017/.




More than 5 months have passed from the beginning of the DataBio project. The kick-off meeting took place in mid-January 2017 in Luxembourg at the premises of the European Commission.
We will use this channel to inform you on the progress, achievements and planned events of the project on a regular basis.
The project consortium is composed of 48 partners.
The start of a project with such a huge consortium is slow and takes time to establish proper communication and collaboration practices. However, DataBio is on its way to define tens of pilots in the agriculture, forestry and fishery domains.
This includes a deep analysis of pilot scenarios and pilot specifications translated into system requirements. This is accompanied by a thorough analysis of available software solutions to process big data and matching these solutions to different pilots.
Presentation of pilots and big data solutions will be part of the following news in this channel.
Please stay tuned!