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Events 2018-12-10T09:32:37+00:00

AgriFuture Days

19th December 2018
Vienna, Austria

More information

5th Panhellenic Conference on the Development of Greek Agriculture

25th October 2018
Heraklion, Greece

More information

ICT 2018: Imagine Digital – Connect Europe

4th – 6th December 2018
Vienna, Austria

More informations

EBDVF 2018: contribute to shape the European Data and AI ecosystem!

12th – 14th November 2018
Vienna, Austria

Further information will be shared on the EBDV web site

INSPIRE Hackathon 2018

19th September 2018
Antwerp, Belgium

Hackathon website

Valmiera INSPIRE Hackathon 2018

22nd March 2018
Orléans, France

Hackathon website

ORLÉANS/OGC INSPIRE Hackathon 2018 – Metadata

22nd March 2018
Orléans, France

Hackathon website

INSPIRE Conference 2018

18th – 21st September 2018
Antwerp, Belgium

Conference website

14th International Conference on Precision Agriculture

24th – 27th June 2018
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Conference website

Prague INSPIRE Hack 2018

23rd – 24th January 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

Hackathon website

European Big Data Value Forum

21 – 23 Novembre 2017
Versailles, France

Information: European Big Data Value Forum

Joint Conference of ISAF

4-5 October 2017
Geomatics in Projects and Plan4all – Kozel Chateau, Czech Republic

Information: Joint Conference of ISAF 2017

Pilsen Open

2nd – 3rd October 2017
Plzen, Czech Republic

More information and registration

First Public DataBio Workshop

25th September 2017
Via Alibert, 5/a, 00187 Rome, Italy

More information and registration


INSPIRE Conference 2017

4-5 September 2017
INSPIRE Conference workshops, Kehl

6-8 September 2017
INSPIRE Conference, Strasbourg

Information: INSPIRE conference 2017

EFITA conference 2017

2nd – 7th July 2017
Montpellier, France

Information: 2017 EFITA WCCA Congress


ULTRAHACK 2017 Sprint

21-23 April 2017
Airo Island – Helsinki

“Hacking Value from Forests” challenge arranged by Sitra, The Finnish Forest Centre, MHG Systems and DataBio project, gathered international hacker teams to come up with solutions to support forest asset management and to help forest owners in decision making.

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