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DataBio at EBDVF 2018

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DataBio at EBDVF 2018

On the first day of EBDVF the session “Big Data solutions for bioeconomy” included a number of talks that promoted the DataBio results. The session talks were:

  • Overview of DataBio achievements in bioeconomy using Big Data technologies, by Athanasios Poulakidas (INTRASOFT Intl)
  • Big Data in Fisheries: Towards pelagic catch prediction, by Arne Berre (SINTEF)
  • HPC and Big Data testbeds for bioeconomy, by Konstantinos Perakis (UBITECH)
  • Big data driven genomics in agriculture, by Ephrem Habyarimana (CREA)
  • Machine Learning Using Satellite Images for Agriculture, by Erika Györvary (CSEM)
  • Analysis of Satellite Images for Forestry, by Caj Södergård (VTT)

In addition, there were DataBio-related innervations in other sessions, e.g. at the EBDVF workshop “From data protection and privacy to fairness and trust: the way forward” by A. Poulakidas. Finally, DataBio was in the foreground of the BDV PPP Village area and a number of visitors expressed their interest in working with project partners.

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