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Home/News/Data Science Awards 2019: CREA was one the four finalists.
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Data Science Awards 2019: CREA was one the four finalists

Data Science Awards 2019 was held on 5th September 2019, at Croke Park, Dublin.
This was unprecedented opportunity to Celebrate and Connect the most talented Data Scientists and their teams from across Europe.
CREA was one the four finalists competing for the Best technical Advance in the Field on Data Science / Artificial Intelligence from a Research Organization.
“The lab of Dr. Ephrem Habyarimana competed in this field making a strong case for the ongoing work on applications of AI using satellite constellations imageries to fingerprint and predict yields in sorghums”.
This technology has important socioeconomic ramifications: Farmers can then efficiently schedule fleets of harvesting machinery, transport vehicles, and storage facilities to improve business operations; on the other hand, Extension services and policy-makers can make use of these equations: e.g., anticipate potential biomass availability and plan ahead, to avoid crises such as fuel shortage, predict/stabilize prices, etc…