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Home/News/CREA Research Center for Cereal and Industrial Crops: Research Days
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CREA Research Center for Cereal and Industrial Crops: Research Days

Research Days and Technological Match-making in Parallel Meetings from 22 to 23 November.

At CREA Research Center for Cereal and Industrial Crops, headquartered in Foggia, was held a two-day internal event centered on cementing the roadmap to achieving the objectives set out in the Piano Triennale delle attività (triennal plan of activities). The conference was promoted by the Director, Professor Nicola Pecchioni, and the Scientific Committee of the Center. The conference was publicly opened by the president of CREA Professor Salvatore Parlato. The main research pipelines in the three-year plan of research are mainly concerned with biodiversity and genetic improvement, agro-ecological approach to crop improvement, cultivation and supply chains, green chemistry and technological aspects of raw materials with particular reference to healthy foods and compounds. On the first day, the research groups and labs presented major scientific achievements and research action plans. On the second day, there were match-making parallel sessions to identify and implement potential synergies and collaborations between groups and labs. There were four thematic match-making parallel sessions corresponding to the main objectives assigned to the Research Center (CREA Cereal and Industrial Crops) for the three-year term ending in 2020. The event was a good opportunity to present DataBio achievements and technological perspectives. Below are some of the slides presented on this occasion.