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WPs 2020-03-05T15:06:45+00:00

Work Packages: WP1

WP1: Agriculture Pilot (M01-M36); led by LESPRO (Czech Republic)

The objective of this WP is to demonstrate how the Big Data technologies will be integrated into the pilots, in order to validate the Big data technologies on practical cases from agriculture and how it can fulfil the end users communities’ expectations.
The Big technologies will be tested in three areas arable farming, horticulture, and subsidies and insurance, where every area will be tested in in sub-pilots with different topics and running in different countries.

Work Packages: WP2

WP2: Forestry Pilot (M01-M36); initially led by MHGS/Wuudis (Finland), then VTT (Finland)

The objective of the WP is to demonstrate through pilots how Big Data will boost the forestry sector.
The three main pilots in four countries are built around practical cases from forestry. They will validate the use of Big Data technologies and how well the expectations of user communities are met. Big Data technologies will be tested and validated in three main cases: multisource crowdsourcing services, forest health and forest data management services.

Work Packages: WP3

WP3: Fishery Pilot (M01-M36); led by SINTEF Fisheries (Norway)

This Work Package will focus on how the utilization of Big Data methods and tools may contribute to the fisheries.
The workflow within each of its tasks will take the form of an iterative process consisting of:

  • 1. Develop cases for utilization of Big Data in the fisheries sector;
  • 2. Define the data needs for each case, and make sure such data are obtainable;
  • 3. Establish systems and tools for access control of the data and the analyses;
  • 4. Develop the necessary analyses;
  • 5. Develop end user services and tools.

Work Packages: WP4

WP4: DataBio Platform with  Pilot Support (M01-M36); led by VTT (Finland)

This WP focuses on the configuration and adaptation of Big Data technologies in order to enable  data driven innovation with new applications based on Bioeconomy, EO and GEO data for the three Bioeconomy areas: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery.

Work Packages: WP5

WP5: Earth Observation and GeoSpatial Data and Services (M01-M36); led by SPACEBEL (Belgium)

The WP includes common application domain and sector agnostic tasks related to provision of Earth Observation interfaces and data to the Big Data Platform, and the related support to DataBio pilots.
The objective is that because of common standards-based interfaces, the services, metadata and data representations can be easily customized to the pilots and also can be replicated and transferred across the EU and in other contexts.

Work Packages: WP6

WP6: Dissemination and Training (M01-M36); led by CREA (Italy)

The overall aim of this work package is the promotion of the actions and results of the project, the user training, dissemination and exploitation of the project’s results in order to support the other work packages and the long-term goals of the DataBio project.
The main audience of interest includes a variety of stakeholders in the ICT and bioeconomy sectors.
To reach these goals, several communication channels and tools will be used, including DataBio’s website: www.databio.eu.

Work Packages: WP7

WP7: Exploitation and Business Planning (M01-M36); led by Univerity of St Gallen (Switzerland)

This WP will be run at each partner institution throughout the lifecycle of the project.
The Consortium members will take measures to ensure the project’s results are exploited either directly by parental organizations  or indirectly through licensing. Specifically, a cost-benefit analysis of pilots will be carried out, the project results will be clearly identified and classified according to their commercial potential (exploitation planning), and the exploitation strategies will be quantified in business plans and cases (business planning).
An exploitation plan will be made public at end of the project.

Work Packages: WP8

WP8: Management (M01-M36); led by INTRASOFT (Belgium)

The WP includes activities related to administration and finance, (internal) communication, and quality assurance and risk assessment.