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How to use DataBio

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How to use DataBio 2020-10-12T21:26:31+00:00

To navigate the DataBio information and assets and use the DataBio Platform you may start from (a) this website, (b) the DataBio Hub or (c) the special guidance page.

Starting from this website

This website provides much information about the DataBio project. Check especially the project deliverables, publications and presentations (through news and events) for useful material. You may also want to start from the DataBio pilots to find those closer to your interests.

Starting from the DataBio Hub

At the DataBio Hub public repository you can browse and search the datasets, software components, pipelines and pilots developed and used in DataBio.

A machine-to-machine interface for accessing the DataBio Hub metadata via OpenSearch is available. The service endpoint, compatible with OGC Testbed-15 interfaces, OGC 19-020r1, is available at https://databio.spacebel.be/eo-catalog/.

Starting from the guidance page

If you want to develop your application using the DataBio platform and assets, this page provides guidelines and examples.